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Hi. My Name is Nicholas Robus. And I Own Taxi – Time Ltd.IMG_2058

Taxi – Time Ltd is a small family run business that operates in and around a little town in East Sussex called Rye.

I have built up my business over the last 3 years from me and a second hand car I bought on ebay for £1,500 to a 6 car business that turns over a very substantial amount of money and employs several of my friends and family.

I have managed to build this business during the worst recession in 60 years.

And it’s not just me, Dylan Howel bought this guide and is now running his own Taxi service after years of working as an Ambulance driver.

“Hi Nick
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help while we set up the business and the amazing things that have happened with our website. Were No.1 on google for local taxi searches in our area and our customers are loving the mobile app.
I even had the boss of one of the big firms on the phone asking how I’d done it.  (He was a little bit upset we knocked him off the top spot)
Your information is amazing and has really helped to get the business off on the right foot.

I can’t thank you enough…”

Dylan Howel. Pedders Way Travel, Hunstanton
Here’s my story

A few of years ago I was in a different place altogether.

Now you have probably heard or read this a hundred times on other web sites or sales spiel for get rich quick schemes, but in my case its true.

I was BROKE…!!!

And I mean broke………….

Me my beautiful girlfriend and our lovely daughter were so skint that every meal was something and rice, we just about had enough money to pay the mortgage and eat if we were very very careful with our cash, and it was my fault.

I had just closed my previous business, A model Shop in Hastings, East Sussex.

Due to a slump in sales and a bad location, it was costing more money to keep my little model shop open then we were making.
I had sunk everything I had into it, I was up to my neck in debt and my girlfriend was supporting all three of us and the shop on a low paid job working for the NHS as a care worker.

Then I got a life line, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

My father had been a taxi driver in the little town I grew up in for about 20 years and he said he would help me get back on my feet.

“Get your licence son”
he said to me one night over a beer

So I applied for my Hackney Carriage Licence

I bit the bullet.

I took action.

I bought A cheap car on eBay and set about getting it ready to be a taxi.
I got a local garage to fit a meter and roof light before visiting my local council office to get the car checked over.

After it had passed all its taxi licencing tests I was ready to go.

One Friday afternoon I started work, I remember thinking I was going to be bored stiff sat on the taxi rank for hours on end between jobs with nothing to do, so I bought a couple of books along.

“Felix Dennis. How to get rich” and “Duncan Banatyne. Any One Can Do it”
(Both highly recommended).

I pulled up on the taxi rank and got out of the car to buy the other drivers a cup of tea from the cafe at the railway station.

Before I knew it they were all gulping down there tea and saying “The trains coming in…. Battle stations…..”

Then it happened…….

I got my first job……..

I’d been there 10 minuets, I didn’t even have time to drink half my cup of tea, or read the preface.
The man asked if I could take him to one of the local caravan parks about 5 miles away.
It was a ten minute journey.

The meter said £8.30 when we arrived at the gates

The fella pulled a ten pound note from his pocket and said

“Cheers Mate! Keep the change”

I had just made £10.00 in ten minutes.

I didn’t even earn that much an hour in my previous jobs.

As soon as I got back to the taxi rank I got another job. An old lady going home with her shopping bags

She only lived around the corner, but she had obviously just done her shopping for the week

I helped her in doors with her bags

“that’s £3.50 please” I said………..

“here you go luv” she said giving me a fiver,

“keep the change”.

I had been running my new business for 30 minutes and I had made £15.00……..
If it carried on like that I would be on about £45.00 and hour.

Guess what!!!!!

It Did………

“Hi Nick. Just read your story on the net and it really hit a cord with me!
Everything about your struggle is identicle to my life AT THE MINUTE with my wife and 3yr old daughter.
My business has been losing money hand over fist for the last 12 months and I’m looking at getting into Taxi Driving.
I’ve applied for my Hackney Carriage licence with the plan to initially work for a local company and then look to get my own cab etc.
I am more determined than ever to become a taxi driver.
I have a clean Licence
I love driving and love a bit of banter with people.
I want to be my own boss 100%  Best regards….”
Stewart. from Nuneaton

I stuck around for the whole afternoon and well into the night, just to get an idea of how much money I could earn if I put the hours in.

During the afternoon I was averaging about £25.00 – £35.00 per hour.

The rate goes up in my area at 22:30 and it boosted my takings to around £45.00 per hour

It goes up again at 01:00am to double time

I was averaging around £67.50 an hour by this point

I was so busy I had lost count of what I had taken and I was buzzing from the thrill of making so much cash in such a short space of time.
When I got home around 03:30 my girlfriend was still awake, watching late night films with a friend.

When we added up what I had taken we were in shock. I had made £467.35 and I had spent £50 on Diesel.

Leaving us with £417.35 for one nights work.

I had enough to pay the mortgage for a month, feed us all, pay the bills and start paying off my debts.

Saturday night I did it all again.

I slept all morning on Sunday, not getting out of bed until i was awaken by the smell of roast beef and Yorkshire puddings.
Nickie had made us all a huge Sunday roast to celebrate our new business being successful and bought a bottle of sparkling wine to have with dinner.
It was a great feeling knowing all my hard work had put that food on the table

Monday I treated my self to a day of flying my model gliders at the Long Man of Wilmington.

On Tuesday I went to Fairlight Glen to fly my gliders again and went back on Wednesday and Thursday too.

For the next few months I just worked Friday and Saturday nights and had the rest of the week off to indulge myself in hobbies and spending time with my family.

Its a great feeling knowing you can earn enough money to live on in just 2 days a week and having the rest of the time to enjoy life.

After about two and a half years of this new lifestyle I stated to see huge gaps in the market where I worked, I was forever turning down work because I just did not have the time to fit them all in.

It was time to expand.

Taxi-Operator-300x223   Stationwebpic1-300x208


I now have 6 vehicles and a team of drivers as well as a few other staff who deal with admin and help with contract work.

I even employ my Mum.

In This Guide:-
  • How to apply for and Guarantee you get your Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Licence.
  • How to Fast Track your Licence Application
  • What to look for when buying your first car, and how to buy a taxi even if you have no money.
  • Where to get taxi insurance and what you should ask your broker
  • What equipment you will need and where to get it all a rock bottom prices
  • How to reduce your mobile telephone bills, call divert charges and fuel bills to maximise profits
    (These tips alone can save you Thousands of Pounds a year)
  • How, Where, and when to advertise, and how to save hundreds, even thousands of pounds on your advertising by avoiding the stuff that does not work.
  • How to tap into endless work that will guarantee you have positive cash flow every month of the year
  • How to manage your accounts
  • Structuring invoices & a free XL template for you to copy
  • Why starting up in tiny villages and towns is often better then heading into the city
  • Why your competition should be your best friend and why the more you expand the better it is for them
  • When and How to offer discounts to make bigger profits
  • How to make money without even starting your engine
  • When and Why to say no to fares. This tip alone can save you Hundreds of Pounds a year
  • How to expand your business beyond the one man band stage
  • All you need to know about keeping track of yours and your drivers earnings
  • Business card designs & Letter head Templates
  • Where to get rock bottom prices for business card printing
  • Regular updates about the Taxi and Private Hire business and other ways to make income
  • Access to the exclusive Members Area full of bonus material including tutorials that will help you make your own website and mobile app for less than £100 (This could save you thousands of £££££’s)

I also give you some of the tools I have created to help you keep track of your business like this Cashflow XL template

Taxi Drivers Cashflow Forcast

Just fill in the boxes with your own figures and it does all the adding up for you.

This is a great way to manage your money and your bank manager will love you when you have a meeting

Don’t wait

If you are in a position like I was then, you owe it to your self and those around you to get of your backside, and take some action
Invest the cost of a round of drinks in your future.
Think about it, this weekend, if you can afford it you will probably blow more then the price of this book on booze or a takaway.

Do your self a favour

Stay in this weekend and start a new life.
And if your not happy with what you have read I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Remember Dylan at the top of the page?

Here is a message he sent me via facebook recently.

Dylan Took Action

Dylan Took Action and now has a Successful Business in Hunstanton

“Weather you think YOU CAN or you think YOU CAN’T. Either way. You are right.”

Henry Ford said that.  And look what he achieved.

Option 1
Just the Book



Option 2

Buy the book and get Full Lifetime Access to the
Members Area


What are people
saying about my Guide:
Don’t take my word for it…. Why should you?

Read what people who have bought my guide are saying.

“Im in my fifties and fit and healthy and although I do have a job at the moment, you never know what is round the corner and having just watched the Panorama program about fifty year olds looking for jobs, I feel the only way forward is to have my own business.


Alistaire. From Aylesbury
“hi nick
thanks for the taxi guide its a really good read and some useful information…”
Michelle S........ Egham, Surry

Hi Nicholas

Have downloaded your guide and its extremely useful, my husband works for a taxi firm and is setting up on  his own after being a paramedic for endless years in the NHS, so hes been used to driving people about.

Thank you…”

Suzanne H. Hunstanton
“I have been meaning to email for a while now since downloading your guide mainly for helping me finaly decide a taxi business may be the way for me to go.  Thanks for putting your website up, it’s been a real help..”
Richard from Luton

Starting up on your own can be a mine field of red tape and unanswered questions.

Where to go to get a licence?

What vehicle to buy?

How do you get Work?

Will I earn any money?

I can answer all of these and give you the reasons for the answer. I’ve been where you are now, I have had the sleepless nights and the nagging missus and the mounting bills.
Don’t leave things to fate, take control of your life and future right now. For the price of a round of drinks I am giving you the answers to all these questions and if you have more I will answer them too. Not only that, if you’re not happy, I’ll give you your money back.

I am doing this for a simple reason.

Money is tight for a lot of people.
Thousands have been made redundant and are looking for work.

If this guide can help a few family’s get back on their feet then that is worth more to me then money.

The sad fact is out of every 100 people that read this guide, only 1 or 2 will actually have the drive, determination & the balls to put what I’m telling them into action.
Those people come back and say thanks,  just like the ones in the testimonials above

Most people are So Lazy they wont even bother to read it all the way through.

“Take Action” towards your goal.(Becoming financially independent)
Lots of people already have, and are making a good living after putting my ideas into action.

Look at it this way — £29.97 is really a painless drop in the ocean to be able to get your hands on a full and comprehensive guide to starting your own Taxi Company.

You can start using it right away to improve your lifestyle!

If you own a mobile phone and a car that is less than 7 years old with four doors you are 90% of the way there…………………….

But I’m giving you a massive head start for free, that will help you make profits faster and lower your overheads.

So get the ball rolling…….

I Made it happen. You could too. If you have got the balls.

Millions of people have just been laid of work, made redundant and cant get another job, don’t let that be you.

This is a recession proof business and I can prove it.

No one can sack you if your the boss.

Don’t you owe it to yourself?


Nicholas Robus

P.S. PS. Don’t forget to drop me an email and say hi.

P.P.S I really want to see you succeed, so get stuck in, make some cash and make me proud.